General Information

School of Mechanical & Civil Engineering contains of 5 departments: Engineering Mechanics, Construction Engineering, Architecture, Urban Underground and Geotechnical Engineering. It has two laboratories including Engineering Mechanics and Civil Engineering; two National Key disciplines including Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering; two Beijing key first disciplines including Civil Engineering and Mechanics; two majors with Cheung Kong Scholar distinguished professor position including Engineering Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering; one Beijing Experimental Demonstration Center under Engineering Mechanics; two post-doctoral research stations under Engineering Mechanics and Civil Engineering; twelve doctoral stations; sixteen Master's stations; one Master's of Engineering station and four undergraduate majors. As of today, the undergraduate program has over 310 students per year, master's program over 230 and Ph.D. program around 50.
The school has around one hundred academic positions. These positions include two academicians which includes one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, it also includes 30 professors, 35 associate professors, 3 fund recipients from the National Fund of Outstanding Youths, 2 Cheung kung scholar distinguished professors, 3 persons from National New Century Talents Project, 1 person Awarded by Young teachers from Ministry of Education, 13 persons within New Century Support Project from Ministry of Education, 3 star educators of Beijing Higher Education, 2 Beijing prominent teachers, 3 persons under Beijing Technology Star Project, 2 persons funded by Beijing Talents Training Program, 1 person within Innovative team of Ministry of Education. The school also had multiple publications in the recent years: 2 theses marked as one hundred national excellent doctoral dissertations; more than 30 academic monographs; over 20 teaching materials; over 1000 research publications, which includes over 100 SCI publications and more than 500 EI publications. It's also responsible for lots of national and province level projects: 973 project, 863 project, National Natural Science Foundation major projects, National Natural Science Foundation Group Projects, 111 Talent Attraction Program, National Major Scientific & Technological Projects, etc. The projects involve more than 400 vertical and lateral projects. 12 national technology awards and over 100 province level technology awards were given.
School of Mechanical & Civil Engineering pursue enormous endeavor upon international communications and cooperation's. We have profound and continues cooperation with research institutions as well as higher education institutions within America, England, German, France, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland and Denmark. 3-4 visiting scholars are selected every year for research cooperation, 9-10 foreigner visiting opportunities are provided. The school contracted with Freiberg University of Mining and Technology in German for program focusing on unified Master's student cultivation. The school also provides 2+2 undergraduate exchange program with Pennsylvania State University, University of Alaska Fairbanks, South Dakota School of Mining & Technology, it also offers 4+2 blended program with Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Students also have the option to participate in senior projects of University of Mons in Belgium and Freiberg University of Mining and Technology.
The school focuses on the students' basic knowledge, research skill and sense of innovation. The abundant teaching resources and modern experiment equipment's provides robust environment for learning and personal growth. In year 2016 School of Mechanical & Civil Engineering has 178 graduates from its undergraduate program, 97 of the graduates pursue their education as Master's students, 38 of which are recommended to domestic graduate schools directly and 12 went abroad for their graduate study. The employment rate of the graduates is 99.86%.